Truffle plants


  Since ancient times, greek truffle (this delicious underground mushroom) was considered to be one of the best in the world.
Through centuries, wars and universal reclassifications contributed to loss of most knowledge about cultivation of the truffle, but products and cultivations took it's position and little by little this exceptional food was marginalised.
  In France and Italy, however, scientists and farmers, working
with love through the last decades, brought again the cultivation of several varieties of truffle in the foreground.
  At this moment we are able to offer the Greek market, plants that have been inoculated with the most of the excisting varietes of truffle.



  The varieties of trees, in which the truffle attributes better, are mainly three:
The QUERCUS ILEX , the QUERCUS PUBESCENS and the QUERCUS COCCIFERA. The most widespread varieties of truffle are TUBER AESTIVUM (summer black truffle) and the TUBER MELANOSPORUM (the winter black trufflle).



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